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Complete Immigration Medical Centre offers Immigration Medical Exams in Waterloo, ON for immigrants, refugees, and permanent and temporary residents of Canada living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond.

We are here to guide you through the exam process with the panel physician. Learn why you should choose our clinic

Immigration procedures can often feel overwhelming, particularly when it comes to fulfilling the medical examination requirements. As you go through the path to becoming a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen, understanding and ensuring all health prerequisites can be a challenge.

This is where a thorough and professional immigration medical exam in Waterloo steps in. It is not just a statutory obligation; an immigration medical examination serves as your passport to ensure you meet public health and safety regulations.

Why Does Immigration Need Medical Examinations?

  • Safeguarding Public Health. Medical exams play a vital role in controlling communicable diseases, thereby safeguarding public health. This public policy also helps in controlling the spread of new infections in people, including post-COVID conditions.
  • Responsible Immigration Requirements. The immigration policy for Canada necessitated all applicants, whether a single applicant or a family, to undergo these examinations, ensuring no risk is imposed on the current population. This includes follow-up tests for those with previous exam records as part of their current application.
  • Meeting International Standards. Medical exams affirm compliance with international health standards and regulations, as dictated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Medical conditions disclosed during the examination process are evaluated based on Immigration Canada's policies.
  • Permitting Access to Health Care. Medical exams can identify immigrants' health needs and issues that allow them access to appropriate healthcare resources and services in the new country.
  • Ensuring Fitness for Work. Medical examinations can help determine if someone is physically and mentally fit to work, which boosts the economy and reduces the chances of accidents or ill health due to underlying conditions.
  • Minimizing Economic Impact. Prevention and control of diseases reduce healthcare costs on a large scale. An unchecked disease could potentially strain the health system and cause economic fallout.
  • Vaccination Verification. Medical exams provide a method of verifying that potential immigrants have received the necessary vaccinations, preventing the entrance of vaccine-preventable diseases into the country.
  • Mental Health Screening. Mental health is an essential part of the overall health. Immigration medical exams can identify those who may need psychiatric care or counseling, which could potentially prevent future issues such as self-harm or crimes.

Our Immigration Medical Exam Process

Step 1: You Book an Appointment at Our Clinic

Following the instructions from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, you can contact our clinic to schedule your immigration medical examination with our Waterloo panel physician team. Be sure to schedule an appointment that meets Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada timelines to ensure a smooth immigration process.

Step 2: You Visit Our Waterloo Clinic for Your Immigration Medical Exam

Your immigration medical Waterloo commences at our center, where our exceptional panel physicians conduct complete examinations. This includes urine and blood tests. With our X-Ray clinic on-site, we ensure comprehensive and efficient immigration medical checks, improving the convenience and speed of the process.

Step 3: We Submit Your Exam Results Online to the Government

Completing your immigration medical exam is a significant milestone in your immigration Waterloo journey. Upon completion, we electronically transmit your medical report to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada within 5-10 days. You'll receive a confirmation document with your medical identifier, solidifying proof that you've completed your exam.

What Makes Complete Immigration Medical Centre Your Ideal Choice?

Approved By Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada

Our Complete Immigration clinic is approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada! We have everything you need to complete your Immigration Medical Exam. To ensure your exam is submitted as soon as possible, we use e-medical to submit it for you.

Complete Immigration's Only Panel Physicians

Our panel physicians are approved to complete Immigration Medical Exams. They have extensive knowledge of immigration policies and regulations, making them capable of providing comprehensive immigration medical Waterloo examinations. These examinations include general health checks, chest X-rays, blood tests, and other essential immigration medical examinations.

Supportive Exam Process

Our clinic serves patients exclusively requiring an Immigration Medical Exam, often including green card applicants. We are knowledgeable about the government's requirements and are here to make the exam process with the panel physician as seamless as possible for you.

Easy Online Booking

Convenience for our clients is important; with just an email to us, you can schedule your appointment with our immigration physician. Appointments can easily align with the type of application you're pursuing, making the process more efficient.

Services in Hindi and Punjabi Languages

We understand the importance of clear communication during your examination and throughout the immigration process, which is why we offer services in Hindi and Punjabi. Our team is proficient in these languages and is ready to support you through the exam process with the panel physician in your native language.

Comprehensive Immigration Services

Beyond immigration medical tests, we offer various related services according to the policy for immigration. This includes advice on public safety issues, medical conditions affecting immigration, post-COVID conditions, and procedures for temporary and permanent residence applications. Our experts also provide detailed information on the costs for refugee claimants under the Immigration Policy.

Start Your Immigration Journey on the Right Track With Us

Completing your immigration medical exam is a crucial step toward becoming a permanent Canadian resident or obtaining temporary residence. At Complete Immigration Medical Centre, we understand and cater to all your immigration medical needs. Our panel physician Waterloo team at our clinic is ready to guide you throughout your immigration journey.

Start your immigration process with credibility and confidence. Schedule an appointment today by contacting us at (905) 459-2700 and take the first steps towards your fruitful immigration journey.

Clinic Features

  • Convenient Location & Hours
  • Free Parking
  • Blood & Urine Testing
  • X-ray Clinic On-site
  • Fast, Paperless e-Processing
  • Staff Speak Hindi & Punjabi
  • Accessible by Brampton & GO Transit
  • Close to Highway 410, 401 & 407

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